Tortoise Bohodaya

The name of the story is Tortoise Bohodaya

Tortoise Bohodaya

Long ago was sitting in a pit on the dusty ground and he was watching the birds circling above his head. When he saw many of them enjoying themselves in the clear blue sky, he became disillusioned with his own lowly life. If only I wanted to mix with them and enjoy their freedom. Had I been able to fly in the air, I am sure I would have climbed (birds) better than them and enjoyed it. he called He pondered over this problem for some time.


sun went down and it rose (on the contrary) from warmer to higher. And the more he looked at the birds with a jealous look, the more disappointed he became. Suddenly an eagle came to rest on a rock right next to him. The turtle noticed this. Then he came up with an idea that he would hold the eagle’s feet while he was flying so that he could fly higher in the sky. So he went to the eagle. But the eagle was sitting on such a high place that he could not go near it. Unable to find any way, he confided his great desire to fly in the sky to Ugal.

The eagle responded to his wish. He came down and told the tortoise that he would make his great wish come true, even if only for a moment. He let the tortoise hold his leg and then he flew into the sky. As the tortoise had never been so high in the sky, it seemed very strange to him. When the eagle flew higher and higher, the tortoise became very worried and finally could not hold on to his (eagle) legs. As a result he fell but not in the water but in the forest. He was fortunate (for this) that he fell on soft grass and had a hard shell to cover him. So somehow he escaped death. This accident on the turtle left a big lesson for him. From then on he was never dissatisfied with the state he was in. He never expected what was impossible for him and he was never jealous of others.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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