Think and act

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Think and act

Once upon a time a crocodile wished to educate his four children. So he went to a fox and asked him to educate his wind. The fox eagerly agreed to do this. Satisfied with the fox’s words, the crocodile left its cubs with the fox. But the fox was cunning in its behavior and loved to eat the baby crocodiles.


he ate one of the guts and kept the other three. After a week the crocodile came to see his beloved children and inquired about his children. The fox confirmed that the children are learning very fast and they are also brilliant. Satisfied with the words of the fox, the crocodile left the place. Meanwhile, the full-fledged fox ate another of them. The crocodile again approached the fox and the fox showed him a cub twice to make the total number four. The crocodile was satisfied and left. The next week the crocodile father also came to visit his children. Now there is only one child left. The fox repeated the same trick and told him that their study would be over next week. This time a child was shown four times.

The crocodile came back happy. Now the fox ate the rest of the cub and left the place forever. After a week, the crocodile came back with a cheerful heart to take back her children. But alas! He did not find anyone in the forest. He searched everywhere for his beloved children but found nothing. Finally he understood the matter and left there with a heartache.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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