The (Strange) Flute Player of Hamelin

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The name of the story is The (Strange) Flute Player of Hamelin

The (Strange) Flute Player of Hamelin

A long time ago, the town of Hamelin in Germany was in great trouble. It was full of rats. The rats were so big and fearsome that they fought with dogs, killed cats and bit babies in cradles. They used to eat the cucumbers of Golaghar.


ran around screaming and chirping all the time. Finally the people came to the town hall and said to the mayor, “Do something about the rats or we will evict you.” ” The girl was frightened. She called a meeting of her councilors and discussed the problem for hours. But they could not find a solution. They were disappointed. At that moment a strange piper came and went before the council and said, “People call me a strange piper. called. If you give me a thousand guilders (coins) I will rid your town of rats.” The mayor said, “Okay, we will give you a thousand guilders.

when will you start work “Now,” said the strange piper then “The strange piper went down the street, took a flute out of his pocket, and began to play. Soon rats came stumbling out of every house in Hamelin. Hundreds, thousands of rats followed him. He went to the river Weser. The arrow went down the river. And every rat that followed him drowned. But the mayor refused to pay the money as agreed. At this the strange flute player got angry and started playing another tune on his flute. Hearing this strange tune the children danced out of their house. The strange flute-player disappeared behind a hill with all the children and never came back.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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