The story of two brothers

The name of the story is The story of two brothers

The story of two brothers

Two brothers lived in a village. After their father’s death, they inherited three things – a cow, a palm tree and a blanket. They are Ali and Bashir. The younger brother Ali was exploited by the elder brother Bashir. Bashir was very clever. Ali was very simple. He was loyal to his elder brother. The things they inherited were divided between the two brothers.


chose the profitable part. He chose the lower part of the cow and the upper part of the palm tree. The time of blanket use is also determined. He would use it at night and keep it for Ali during the day. As a result, Ali used to feed the cows throughout the day and water the palm trees regularly. Bashir used to milk cows and eat milk. He used to eat the palm grown on the tree and eat its juice alone.

Ali was deprived of milk, dates and juice. Moreover, he could not use a blanket. Because it was not needed during the day. A wise man noticed that Bashir was getting fatter day by day and Ali was getting thinner day by day. He asked Ali about the reason. She told him the story of sharing their wealth and looking after them. The wise man said something in Ali’s ear. Then Ali decided to teach Bashir properly.

As Bashir was driving the car, he started whipping the front part. Because of this Bashir could not blame the cow. While Bashir was climbing the palm tree to collect sap, Ali started cutting the tree in anger. He soaked the blanket in the evening so that Bashir could not use it at night. In this situation Bashir realized his mistake and agreed to give Ali an equal share of everything.

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