Persuading parents through arguments

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The name of the story is Persuading parents through arguments

Persuading parents through arguments

Persuading parents through arguments

Reema, who convinced her parents through arguments, is a first year HSC student of a reputed college. He was eagerly waiting to attend the book fair in February, but his parents stopped him saying that he did not need to attend the book fair. They said, you can visit fairs, buy books and just be a reader. Why do you work there?


then said that one can learn a lot by working at the book fair, as it is a gathering of writers, publishers, readers and critics. Her parents said that she is a good student, so she should concentrate on her studies. If he works at the fair, he will not have time for himself. Besides, Tabul will be So it is not safe for a girl of her age to go home alone at night without working.

Bima Mukti showed that the book fair could finish its reading before it started at 3 pm. And he doesn’t have to come back alone because some of his friends have also taken to the fair. Besides, he will gain a lot of experience which will help him in his career. Moreover, he will understand the importance of labor as he will be paid for this work. So he wants to join the fair. His parents, understanding him and his logic, finally allowed him to work at the fair. Rima thanked them. Loves to understand.

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