Open manhole and responsible boy

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The name of the story is Open manhole and responsible boy

Open manhole and responsible boy

Dark night. I was returning home from the market. I was walking on the sidewalk. Suddenly I saw a single manhole without a cover. I became seriously worried because so many people use the footpaths and if a careless pedestrian falls into a manhole, he has little hope of survival. My conscience did not allow me to leave the place.


waited for about half an hour. Then a little distance I saw a pedestrian. He was also walking on the sidewalk. But whenever he saw me, he started walking behind. I shouted that I am not a robber. I also told him why I was there. The man believed me and almost ran to me. I saw that he is a shopkeeper in our area. He also recognized me and wanted to help me happily. I left him for 10 minutes and I ran to a house far away. I came back with an ax. There was a small banyan tree by the side of the road. I cut off a stout branch with a leafy stem. Then we inserted about half of the branch into the manhole. Long branches and leaves covered the mouth of the manhole. They were also visible from a distance.

Then I went there together with the house from which I had borrowed the axe. We left that place with a happy heart for each other’s home. Returning home, I informed the matter to the ward commissioner and municipal chairman. They assured me that they will send their people to the spot and take effective measures to resolve the people’s problems. I thanked both of them.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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