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A night in the deep forest

One late night story:

Last year we went on a trip to the Sundarbans. We reached Cuttack at 3:15. With the help of a forest guide and a coast guard, we continued deep into the forest and I was so engrossed in the wonderful beauty of the Sundarbans that I forgot to follow my companions. By the time I got back to Rimbit, it was too late. I could not follow my friends because the path through which I entered the Sundarbans was very treacherous. I have never seen such a friendly yet graceful path and I walked in and was overwhelmed.

Suddenly I saw a cottage near a well-buried stream in Ker. I approached the cottage and entered it. At first I felt very sleepy. I have traveled a long time. I had to sleep. No, I needed sleep. The cool air through the few holes in the cottage makes sleep pleasant. picked up I slept very well. But when I woke up, I was a little worried. It was dark, very dark. On the one hand, the fear of the wild animals, on the other hand, thinking about the needless anxiety of the companions for me, I became a little alarmed.

However I thought I had to sleep in this deep forest despite the many problems during the night. What particularly caught my attention at night was the chirping of birds. The call of a monkey, the howl of a wolf or the roar of a lion sank my heart. I, the only mortal creature in this dark forest, was frightened by some newly seen strange creatures. My soul drank every drop of the salty and moist air. I again fell asleep in the lap of nature. When the intense morning sun entered the cottage I woke up and went out in search of my companions.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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