On my first day of school

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On my first day of school

when I was five years old, my father took me to a school far away from home. There I followed my father and entered a room. There I saw a big bald man. He was happy to see my father but I was scared when he asked my name. Then he took me to his classroom. This was the first class that I had joined the previous day. There were forty boys in all. Almost everyone is my age. School work has not started yet.

So the room was noisy. As soon as I took my seat, some boys gathered around me. They asked me various questions. At first I felt a bit confused. Slowly I felt relieved. One chose me to sit next to him. Then we became fast friends and this friendship lasted until the last day of school life. Soon the bell rang and a teacher entered the class room. We all stood up and saluted him. After receiving greetings, he asked us to sit down. As his eyes fell on me, he approached me and asked my name. I felt relieved by his politeness and humbly answered his questions. Then he performed the reading of the day. He taught us English. His good methodical teaching impressed me. The other teachers also took their classes very well. During the break, I saw students going to the mosque adjacent to the school. I also went with them and prayed.

After namaz we eat our tiffin. After that there were two classes left. At that time my experience was the same as before. I think I was able to gain the love of teachers and classmates. Then I returned home after class. I expressed my experience and feelings to my parents. The discipline of the school impressed me the most.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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