Five stories worth reading

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The names of the five stories are given below

  1. A photograph
  2. Poor yet dreamy girl Parul
  3. A mysterious phone call was late at night
  4. A bright, persevering and innovative boy
  5. To rescue a drowing boy

There are 5 stories

Being the first of Five stories worth reading

A photograph

One afternoon, grandmother was sitting under a mango tree in the yard, weaving a scarf. Grandmother said her grandson Ramim suddenly ran and shouted calling her. Look at this picture! I found an old thing in a box.

Whose picture is this? Grandma took the photograph from Ramim’s hand and they both looked at it for a long time. The girl in the photograph had long, loose hair and was wearing a long dress that fell almost to her ankles, with sleeves that reached her wrists, and a large number of bangles on her hands; But in spite of being so veiled, the girl seemed entirely free-spirited and prudish; The girl was standing with her legs spread and her hands on her hips, a broad, slightly mischievous smile on her face. After some time he said, “The picture must be of a little girl. Ramim asked, “Do you know the girl?” He replied, “Yes, but she was a very wicked girl and I should not say anything about her.

But I will tell about the photograph. The picture was taken at your grandfather’s house, about sixty years ago. Ramim said again, “You can see there is a wall behind him and a pair of hands are coming up from the other side of the wall. Has anyone climbed the wall? “No, at least I don’t remember,” replied the grandmother. “You remember well, grandmother,” said Ramim. “Then tell me about the girl.” The grandmother refused to say anything about the girl because the photograph was her own. But Ramim understood because Grandma still had the same mischievous smile.

Being the second of Five stories worth reading

2.Poor yet dreamy girl Parul

Parul is a school going girl whose parents were landless. They are unable to pay for his education. But Parul was determined. Although Parul had a strong desire to be educated. So he wanted to continue his studies anyway. She used to help with housework in other people’s houses to pay for her education. He continued his studies despite many obstacles.

She was a brilliant student. He studied completely by himself without anyone’s help. Thus he showed remarkable success in PSC and JSC. He got scholarship in both the exams. It helped him enough to continue his studies. He got GPA-5 in SSC exam. Here too he got merit scholarship. He kept the scholarship money for college admission. Accordingly, he got admission in a reputed college. To pay for their education, he tutored the children of a rich man. However, he also got excellent results in the HSC examination. After that he prepared for admission to medical college.

To his surprise, he saw that he got admission in a government medical college. Five years later he returned to his village as an MBBS doctor.

Being the third of Five stories worth reading

3.A mysterious phone call was late at night

I was preparing for my upcoming exam. All my family were sleeping. Suddenly my phone rang and the number was unknown. I got scared. Nevertheless, I picked up the phone. I tried to talk to the person who called. But he remained silent. I repeatedly asked him, “Who are you?” ” But I didn’t get any reply from him. So I ignored / ignored the call. But he called me again. My heart rate went up. I tried to calm down.

I picked up the phone. At first he didn’t answer my questions. Later he said to me in a mysterious voice, “I know you. I am your childhood friend. You have forgotten me. But I have not forgotten you.” After saying this he switched off his mobile phone. I tried to call him. But his mobile phone was switched off. was. He didn’t tell me his name and how we got to know each other. I couldn’t concentrate in my studies because of his mysterious talk. That’s why I couldn’t prepare well for the upcoming exams. I couldn’t even sleep properly because of his mysterious calls.

When daylight broke, I told him. Called again. But his mobile phone was switched off. This made me worried. Tried to calm my mind by telling my close friend Rafiq. He was telling me that if he recognized me, he would definitely call me back. So about it. worried Don’t do it” I was reassured by his words.

Being the fourth of Five stories worth reading

4.A bright, persevering and innovative boy

a boy came from an infamous background. But he was sharp, persevering and innovative. He could solve any complex number very easily. The mathematics teacher was full of praise for his exceptional talent. He could solve English grammar very quickly.

English teachers were impressed by his extraordinary knowledge and wisdom. Also he could analyze any matter very logically and scientifically. He was not only extremely talented but also hardworking and studied harder than any other student. He studied day and night. The boy was also very creative. So he could create something innovative.

He also exhibited various projects in science fairs. So he was awarded several times. But the boy was an orphan. His genealogy was obscure and unknown. The boy became famous as a scientist. He created a world-wide Jyotishpuran. He was also appreciated and awarded nationally and internationally.

Being the fifth of Five stories worth reading

5.To rescue a drowing boy

It was a sunny morning to rescue a drowning boy. I was going to college with some of my friends. We were very excited because we were talking about plans to go to the banquet. Suddenly I heard the frightened screams of some children who were standing on the banks of a large and deep pond.

I ran to them and asked what happened. They all together showed me that a little boy was drowning in the pond. Without delay I jumped into the pool and swam with all my might. Approaching the drowning boy, I first raised his face above the water so that he could breathe. Then I took him on my shoulders and quickly swam back to the shore of the pond.

I learned how to give first aid to drowning people from my village doctor uncle. I acted accordingly and soon the boy regained consciousness. Many villagers had already gathered around me. The boy’s parents also came running with tears in their eyes. I assured them that their child was safe. They were so happy that they could not say anything. They started crying with joy. As I was leaving they blessed me from the bottom of their hearts and asked me to visit them anytime. I agreed and happily left for college.

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