Five stories for children

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The names of the five stories are given below

  1. Greed Takes Everything
  2. Change of Fortune of the Poor Farmer
  3. Pratyutpanmati Sadi
  4. Who is there to tie a bell around the cat’s neck?
  5. Greed Takes Everything

There are 5 stories

Five stories for children

Here is the first of five stories for children

1.Greed Takes Everything

Once two friends went on a trip and had to take them to a forest. While coming through the forest, they saw a bag lying on the ground. The bag was full of gold coins. They immediately picked up the bag.

They both wanted to grab the bag. A conflict situation arose between them. They started hitting each other severely. Blood was oozing from their wounds. Despite this they were quarreling with each other. At one point one of them was caught and died on the spot. The surviving friend was also seriously injured. He slowly fell to death. Before his death, he said that the weaver was ruined. “Legada,” very greedy.

Here is the second of five stories for children

2.Change of Fortune of the Poor Farmer

Once upon a time there lived a poor farmer who worked hard to support his family. But he could rarely arrange two handfuls of organs in two hours. One day he found a basket while working in the field. He picked it up and immediately took it home. He showed the basket to his wife. Then he opened it. Surprisingly, there were many gold coins in it. The farmer was very honest. He decided to find out the real owner of the basket. But; His wife tried to stop him from doing so. He did not heed her words.

Instead, he started looking for the real owner of the twenty. He failed. Then he decided to use the gold coins. He built a mosque, an orphanage and a hospital on his own initiative. He set up some factories to solve the problem of unemployment in his village. Soon he became famous. He was respected everywhere. He always helped the poor farmers of his village. Over time his village became prosperous.

Here is the third of five stories for children

3.Pratyutpanmati Sadi

Sheikh Sadi was a great poet of Iran. He wore simple clothes. Once on his way to the royal court of Iran, he took refuge in the house of a wealthy man. The gentleman did not recognize him and treated him like a commoner.

The great poet left that house the next morning without revealing his identity. The nobleman did not know who he was, although he was aware of Sheikh Sadi’s greatness and name. Two months later Sheikh Sadi came to spend the night at the same house on his way home from the royal court. But this time he was wearing royal clothes. When he reached the nobleman’s house, he was given a warm welcome.

The nobleman treated him differently. Although he did not know about his identity till then, he respected the poet as a great person. Why am I being respected like this? ” thought the poet. He realized that the main reason for his entertainment was the clothes he was wearing. So he wanted to teach the wise man the right lesson. He took the food that the poet was given to eat and started stuffing it in his pocket. The wise man and his The councilors were amazed at this. “What are you doing, sir?” ” asked the nobleman. These dishes are made for my clothes, ” replied the poet. The nobleman realized his mistake and apologized to the royal guest.

Here is the fourth of five stories for children

4.Who is there to tie a bell around the cat’s neck?

There was an old house in a village. Many rats lived in that house. They were producing a lot at first. The owner of the house was very upset and came up with a plan. He brought a cat to chase away the rats. The mice were deprived of their old privileges. Moreover, the risk of their lives has increased a lot. They were occasionally bitten by cats. Unable to think of any way to save themselves, all the rats sat together in counsel. Many people present at the meeting presented arguments in different ways. Just as the meeting ended without solving the problem, a young rat stood up and said that a bell could be tied around the cat’s neck so that they could be immediately alerted to the cat’s sudden presence to save their lives.

Everyone applauded him in support. But soon after that an old rat said, “The boy’s influence is good and very good. I support But who will tie the bell around the cat’s neck? ” At this everyone was as speechless as stone. A dead silence fell upon the conference. The meeting broke up without a decision, and because of that the rats ran away for their lives.

Here is the fifth of five stories for children

5.Greed Takes Everything

A dog stole a piece of meat from a shop to eat one day. With this in his mouth he was running along the bank of a river. Cuckoo was crossing a bridge over a river when he discovered a figure in the water. In fact, when he looked under the water, he saw his own face.

But he was greedy and thought it was another dog and another meat with it.The dog was naturally greedy and wanted to get that piece of meat too. So he barked and jumped into the water to get the piece of meat. But alas! When he opened his mouth, the piece of flesh fell out and the current swept it away. Thus the greedy dog ​​lost his meat.

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