Five small story

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The names of the five stories are given below

  1. A small animal can be stronger than a big animal
  2. Scholar and Sailor
  3. Tiger and Buck
  4. touch gold
  5. A Responsible School Boy

There are 5 stories

Five small story

This is the first of Five small story

1.A small animal can be stronger than a big animal

Once upon a time a lion was sleeping in the forest. Suddenly a mouse came there. He did not see the sleeping lion. He was running and playing happily. By chance he landed on the lion’s face. The lion woke up. The lion got very angry and caught the mouse. Then the mouse humbly prayed, “Please let me go. You may need my help someday. “The lion continued to laugh. “How can a little mouse help a lion?” Then he said, “Okay. I’ll let you go. But you have to tread carefully. The lion joined the mouse.

The mouse was grateful. He thanked the lion. One day the mouse was looking for some food. Suddenly he saw that the lion was caught in a net in the forest. The mouse remembered the greatness of the lion and started cutting the rope with his weak teeth. Finally the mouse cut the net and freed the lion. The lion was also grateful to the little animal. He thanked the mouse and invited him to be his friend.

This is the second of Five small story

2.Scholar and Sailor

Once a scholar was going to a place in a boat. The beginning of summer. The sailor hoisted the sail and the boat proceeded calmly. Have you read history Pandit Sahib said to the sailor. The sailor said, “No.” The scholar told him that without the knowledge of history, four years of your life are in vain.

He saw a beautiful scene and asked him again if he had studied geography. As before, the sailor’s answer was negative. This time the scholar said that, in your life, Eight annas of soil. TheThen both were silent for a while. It was late afternoon. The scholar broke the silence and said to the sailor, “Do you know anything about science?” “No, I don’t know about science.” This was the sailor’s reply. The scholar told him that his life was worthless. Twelve years of his life are wasted. Hearing this, the sailor remained silent. Suddenly the sky became dark with black clouds. Kalbaisakhi was beginning to blow at the speed of the storm.

The scholar was very scared. This time the sailor said to him, Mr. Do you know how to swim? ” Pandit replied in the negative in a low voice. Then the sailor said, “The boat is going to sink. Now I see that your life is sixteen years in vain. Your poetic knowledge will be of no use here. Nothing.

This is the third of Five small story

3.Tiger and Buck

A tiger lived in a forest. He hunted a sheep. But while he was eating the meat, a bone fell into his throat. He was in great pain and could not decide what to do. A tiger saw a buck on the bank of a river. Looking for a fish. “Good morning Mr. Buck. ” said the tiger. ” Can you do me a favor ? A bone is stuck in my throat and it hurts me terribly. Your lips are long and thin. Can you get the bone out ? I will give you whatever you want.” The buck thought that the tiger was terribly ill. So he wanted to help the tiger. “Buck told him to widen your mouth and sneeze.

The buck stuck his long beak into the tiger’s mouth and pulled out the bone. Now the tiger wanted to leave. “Shall I receive my reward now?” said Buck. “What’s the reward? You gave me your lips. Isn’t that reward enough that I didn’t swallow you and that’s why you’re still alive? ” replied the tiger. The buck became alarmed for the safety of his life and immediately left the place.

This is the fourth of Five small story

4.touch gold

There was a king named Midas. He was very rich but he was not satisfied with what he had. He thought, if he had a golden touch then he would be the happiest man in the world. God immediately granted his wish. After some time the king was sitting under an apple tree in his garden when suddenly an apple fell beside him. The apple turns to gold as soon as it is touched. He was surprised by this. He saw that he had gained the golden touch.

After that everything he touched turned into gold. When he entered his house his little daughter came to him and he took her in his arms. Unfortunately, the king saw that his beloved daughter had turned into gold. The king was shocked. Midas cries out to the gods for forgiveness. The kind God took the golden touch from her and her daughter came back to life.

This is the fifth of Five small story

5.A Responsible School Boy

Once a school student named Suman was returning to his house after finishing his class. As he was crossing the road, he saw an old woman lying on the road. He was unconscious. There was no one to help him. Immediately Suman became worried about the woman. He came to know that he had collided with a baby taxi. He took the injured and unconscious woman to a nearby hospital with the help of a rickshaw puller. The hospital authorities could not admit the woman as Suman did not know her. Suman became his caretaker and took charge of his treatment. The woman regained her senses. After a few days he recovered completely.

Now the question is, where will this woman go? The woman said that she will go to Nabiullah’s house. Suman’s heart was stirred and he asked where the house of Prophet Ullah was. ‘Muradnagar’ he replied. My village, Suman thought to himself, “Nabiullah is my father. And there is only one Nabi Ullah in that village. “The mystery became clear that the lady was Suman’s father’s only sister who had never seen her brother after her marriage. Suman happily accepted her brother-in-law and happily took her to his home.

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