Five short stories

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The names of the five stories are given below

  1. Missing uncle’s jacket
  2. An unexpected accident causes
  3. An unfortunate child
  4. The intelligent boy
  5. A fire accident experience

There are 5 stories

This is the first of Five short stories

1.Missing uncle’s jacket

Five short stories:

Zakir’s family moved to a new house and he was working on tidying up his room. The task was not at all easy as the room was small compared to his numerous belongings. She opened one of her suitcases to arrange the clothes in the wardrobe. There he found a green jacket which was not his own. Failed to find.

Somehow he showed it to his mother and she looked at it with a broken heart. Immediately his father came there and he too continued to watch it with great attention. But he did not get the reason behind it, so he asked his grandmother about it. He told him a painful story and told him that it was actually his younger uncle, who was a freedom fighter and he was a 10th standard student during those painful days in 1971 and e was a very beloved person in their family. He was good in studies and loved by all his friends.

But when the War of Independence started, he went to war and never came back. Hearing the story that this green jacket is a sign of his uncle whom he had never seen, he felt great love and deep respect for his late uncle especially for his work. To honor the soul of his late uncle, he decided to do something good for the country

This is the second of Five short stories

2.An unexpected accident causes

Julekha to work in a big garment factory. The factory has more than five hundred employees. Like other days, that day was busy with work. Suddenly, a sound came in his ears that the fire had started due to short circuit. Because bad news travels fast, the news spread quickly among employees. But no one noticed whether there was a real fire.

All the workers started running towards the gate of the factory at the same time. There was only one pew to get out of the factory and only one staircase to get down from the factory. So when all the workers were trying to get out of the factory by the only stairs some of the workers fell. Julekha was one of them. They were crushed under the feet of other workers.

At least 10 people were seriously injured and two workers died. But fortunately Julekha’s injuries were not serious. The cruel irony of fate was that no fire actually broke out. In fact, out of curiosity, a young sighted worker shouted “Fire fire”. The workers believed it to be true and started walking out of the factory which led to the fatal accident.

This is the third of Five short stories

3.An unfortunate child

Named Rina, a poor girl worked in a rich man’s house. The master of the house was kind to her, but the housekeeper was very unkind. He used to scold her almost all the time. One day while serving tea he broke a cup. Considering this as a great loss, the householder became angry and burned himself with a vritti and burned it on his arms and back. Moreover, it was strictly forbidden to shout about the presence of relatives in the house. The housekeeper was forced to clean the house in a moment. Rina felt weak because she was not old enough to do housework. However, she went into the kitchen to make another cup of tea. He was making tea and taking it to the guest room. But half way he stumbled and fell.

Now the housekeeper grabbed Rina’s messy hair and took her to the house to beat her non-stop and locked her inside the kitchen. Fearing for life, Reena cut his throat with the knife that was in the kitchen. What if it started again. He repeated the same incident that dragged him to a tragic end. Cooking as a result of tragic suicide! Alas! You are child labor.

This is the fourth of Five short stories

4.The intelligent boy

Passed the railway in the middle of the village. A 12-year-old boy, Sadhan, was returning home from school. Soon he came to the pool above the railway line. He saw that the pool was severely damaged by the flow of flood water. From the other side, a train was coming at full speed with many passengers and goods. Sadhana could not think what to do in this situation. He remembered a piece of advice from his grandfather. Once his grandfather told him, whenever the train is in a dangerous position, then the driver should show us red clothes. Then he opened his clothes, the color of his clothes was red. He tried to move his clothes in the air.

He was trying to get the driver’s attention. It was unbelievable that the driver suddenly recognized the boy’s red shirt and thought of any possible danger. The driver stopped the train. Drivab came down from Lai and saw the damage to the pool. The driver and all the passengers were amazed to see the brave act of the little boy.

This is the fifth of Five short stories

5.A fire accident experience

Last Sunday I went to bed at 9 pm and had a good sleep. Suddenly around 1 am I woke up hearing a noise in the distance. I got out of bed and ran to the spot. The cottage caught fire. People were running. What to do? I saw women and children crying inside a room. It did not occur to me to save lives from the surrounding area. Then I realized that it would not be right to stand idly by.

I immediately proceeded to rescue the helpless people trapped inside the house. I broke through the fence and entered the house and managed to get them. But in the meantime one of them is seriously injured. Many people gathered there during the time when the flames of the house fire got higher and higher. They tried hard to put out the fire. They fetched buckets of water from a nearby pond and poured it into the flames. Even the women and children of the neighboring houses rushed to put out the fire. They helped fetch water. Some were fetching water and some were standing near the fire and pouring water on the flames.

After about half an hour they managed to bring down the fire. was happening After a short while the fire was completely extinguished. But already most of the house and its contents were burnt to ashes. Residents of the house were crying and lamenting the damage. I noticed that the neighbors are the first to come forward to help the emergency at the scene.

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