Factory Collapse

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The name of the story is Factory Collapse

Factory Collapse

Factory Collapse

It was a sunny day. All the factory workers were busy with their daily work. Suddenly there is a sound of sadness. Everyone in the factory panicked. They could not understand what was going to happen. They saw the die falling on their heads. The whole building was collapsing. In such a destructive situation, the workers did not even have time to scream, the incident happened in a moment. Many were killed instantly. Many find themselves in ruins. They could not find their way out of the floating building. Many saw the death of many before their eyes. Some were screaming for help.


who were outside had no choice but to watch those in danger die. Even after a few days passed, the people trapped in the rubble did not get any help. Rescue workers and people from all walks of life try their best to rescue the trapped. But they failed to reach those trapped. Debris is removed with the help of heavy cranes. Many were rescued after many attempts.

Suddenly, a rescue worker hears a woman’s screams in the rubble. But the youth who reached him dug a tunnel to reach him. Finally rescuers managed to reach the woman. The state of the woman’s stupor disturbs him greatly. So he bet to rescue the woman by any means. He has to cut some colors with the help of drill machine. A fire broke out while cutting the rod. The rescue worker was seriously injured and died. After some time, however, the woman also died.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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