Ek Bhu – the greatness of a husband

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The name of the story is Ek Bhu – the greatness of a husband

Ek Bhu – the greatness of a husband

Ek Bhu – the greatness of a husband

One day a farmer was carrying sacks of flour on horseback. The mill was a few kilometers away so On the way the girl tripped and one of the sacks fell on the ground.

The farmer was in danger as there was no one around to help him. Suddenly he saw a horseman running towards him. When the horseman approached him, the farmer was dismayed because the man was a powerful zamindar sahib. Although Zamindar Sahib was very sympathetic, he found it difficult to ask him for help. But to his surprise, the landlord stopped in front of the farmer. He got down from the horse and said, “You have a problem. can see ” said the zamindar Sir. Fortunately, I came here then. For it is really difficult to get help in this matter.

“Then he took one head of the sack and told the farmer to take the other. Together they lifted the pad and put it back on the horse’s back. The farmer (the head) took off his hat and said, “Mahanubhav, how can I thank you? “You can do that very easily. Zamindar replied. Whenever you see someone in danger, try your best to help them and by doing so, I will be thanked.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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