Astrologer and King

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The name of the story is Astrologer and King

Astrologer and King

Once upon a time there was a king in India. He loved to know about future events from astrologers. One day a clever astrologer came to visit his capital. The king knew the name and age of the astrologer.

He immediately summoned him to his court room. The king asked him about his future. He told the king about some unpleasant incident. The king got angry and sentenced him to death. When the astrologer was being led to the gallows, the king asked him, “How long will you live? “I will die just one week before your death.” “The astrologer said with wisdom present. You and I will receive you there, Your Majesty.” He added.

Hearing this reply the king’s complexion turned pale as if he were sending me to the place of the dead and he cried out. “Take this wretch away from here and never let him come here a second time.” ” “Then, farewell,” said the astrologer at once. Thus he was able to escape from the anger of the king.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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