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Clever Crow

An amazing story:

Once upon a time there lived a crow in a tree in a forest. She was happily spending her days with her children. He had a neighbor who lived in another tree not far from his tree. The snake was greedy and greedy. One day when the crow went out in search of Khan, the snake climbed the tree and ate one of the crow’s babies. When the mother crow returned home, she was saddened to find that one of the chicks was missing. As days passed, the snake became greedy and ate all the children.

The crow was disappointed. “Paji snake…..I must do something. I must go to him and talk, thought the reason. The next morning the crow went to the snake and said elegantly, “Please take back my children, dear friend. Let us be good neighbors and not disturb each other. “I am hungry. You cannot expect the children I have eaten to speak,” replied the snake to the ugly house. The crow was angry and thought, “I must teach the snake a lesson.

“The very next day the crow was flying over the king’s palace. She saw the princess reading a precious necklace. Suddenly a thought struck her and she pecked the necklace in her mouth and flew to her house. When the princess saw the crow flying away with her necklace, she cried out, “Somebody help.” , the crow has taken my necklace.” Soon the palace guards spread out in search of the necklace. In a short time the guards saw the crow. She was still sitting with the necklace on her lips. The clever crow thought, “Now is the right time to do the deed. And he dropped the necklace and it fell right into the mouth of the snake’s hole.


snake heard the noise and came out of its hole. The palace guards saw the snake. A snake kill it” they shouted. With a big stick they beat the snake and killed it. The guards then took the necklace and returned to the princess.

The crow was happy. “Now my children will be safe. He thought and started living a happy and peaceful life.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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