Amazing 5 Stories

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Amazing 5 Stories You can pass your time by reading these five stories.

The names of the five stories are given below

  1. The honest cat and the beautiful fairy were
  2. The Selfish Giant
  3. Slow and steady wins
  4. An untimely friend, a true friend
  5. A schoolboy’s sense of responsibility

There are 5 stories

Being the first of Amazcing 5 stories

1.The honest cat and the beautiful fairy were

once in the same cage. But he was very honest. He used to earn his living by selling wood in the market. One day while cutting wood by a pond suddenly his ax fell into the pond. The pond was very deep. Kathur did not know how to swim or dive. So he sat there sullenly. Then an amazing thing happened. A beautiful fairy appeared in front of Kathur. He asked sweetly, “Why are you angry? Why aren’t you cutting wood?” The woodcutter sadly replied, “My ax has fallen into the pond.” I can’t cut wood anymore. The fairy then showed him an ax made of gold. He asked him if it was his axe. The fairy saw the ax and said, “It is not my axe.

” The fairy showed him another ax made of silver and asked, “Is this your lost ax?” “No, my ax is made of iron,” said the elf. The elf called and showed the lost axe. elf was happy and said that it was his axe. The elf was very pleased and gave him both a gold and a silver axe. Soon the elf became rich. And started living happily.

Being the second of Amazcing 5 stories

2.The Selfish Giant

Once upon a time there was a selfish giant who had a beautiful garden. The garden was full of green grass. There were many colorful flowers blooming everywhere on the grass. The garden was a wonderful playground for the beautiful children.

The monster was staying close to his friend. On his return he drove the children out of his garden. Now the children had no place to play and they were sad. That year spring came everywhere in the country but it did not come to the giant’s garden. It was full of snow flakes and straw. No flowers bloomed and no birds sang. One morning he saw that there were flowers in the garden; Birds are singing and children are climbing on tree branches. But it was still cold in one corner of the garden. In that corner there was a little boy who could not climb a tree.

The giant came forward and helped him climb the tree. He also played with children. The little child kissed the giant. The giant’s mind melted. Children used to play every day after school. One afternoon the little child could not be found. Daitya looked for him every day but could not find him. Many years have passed. The giant grew old and weak. One winter morning the child was seen again in the garden. The monster ran to him and saw that the child had nail marks on his hands and toes. The child said that these are wounds of love. He said that he wants to take her to his garden which is heaven. That afternoon the children found the monster lying dead and they covered him with flowers in the garden.

Being the third of Amazcing 5 stories

3.Slow and steady wins

A long time ago there lived a rabbit in a forest. A turtle also lived next to it. The rabbit was proud of his speed. He always mocked the turtle. One day the hare was returning to his house and at the same time the tortoise was also returning to his house. The tortoise went on its way without disturbing the hare.

Suddenly the hare stopped the tortoise and said, “Oh slowness! Pity you for your speed. ” On hearing this the Tortoise said, ” Even if you were as swift as the wind, I would beat you in a race.” The Hare, finding his (the Tortoise’s) insistence absolutely impossible, agreed to the proposal; And they agreed that the fox would designate the course and determine the destination. On the day fixed for the race they started together. The tortoise did not stop anywhere for a moment but moved straight towards the end of the path at a slow and steady pace. Confidence in his own speed, the rabbit ignored the race and fell asleep on the side of the road. Finally waking up and running as fast as he could, he saw that the tortoise had reached his destination and was yawning in relief from exhaustion.

Being the fourth of Amazcing 5 stories

4.A schoolboy’s sense of responsibility

A schoolboy’s sense of responsibility
One day a fifth grade boy was going to school. Suddenly he saw a wallet on the road. He was stunned. He thought maybe someone had lost it and someone might have taken it.

Thinking this, he picked up the wallet. Although he was poor, he was honest from the bottom of his heart. He did not even think of opening the wallet and taking money from it. Instead, he went to the police station to hand over the wallet to the police. He went there and saw a gentleman sitting in front of the OC. However, the boy handed over the wallet to the OC.

The man was surprised to see the wallet as it was the same wallet he lost on the road and went there to make a general diary about the lost wallet. There was a large sum of money and some important papers in the wallet. The OC handed over the wallet to the man. The man was very happy with the boy. He thanked the boy and gave him three thousand rupees as reward. He asked the boy to meet him for any need. The boy came away happily.

Being the fifth of Amazcing 5 stories

5.An untimely friend, a true friend

There was passing through a forest one evening. They were two very close friends. They saw that the forest was full of wild animals and after a while a bear came in front of them. One of them could climb a tree.

So he took refuge in a tree and hid himself in the branches. Another friend lay down on the ground after realizing the fear of being infected. And when the bear approached and tried to smell it with its nose, the friend choked and pretended to act like a dead man.

The bear quickly left him because bears are said not to touch a dead body. When the bear was completely gone, the other friend came down from the tree and met his friend and jokingly asked, “What did the bear whisper in your ear? ” He replied, “The bear advised me never to travel with a friend who leaves in danger.”

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