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The name of the short story is Lying shepherd boy

Lying shepherd boy

A short story:

Lying shepherd boy was a mischievous shepherd boy who used to graze his cows near a forest. He “tiger!” The tiger used to shout and make fun of people. Coming wildly towards them and pointing at his puss. They would throw their forks and run towards the cows. But they would see the cows graze peacefully and look for any sign of the outsider and see that the shepherd boy was not there.

They used to say where is the tiger. “I did not say that the tiger was here,” the shepherd boy would reply, and laugh aloud as long as he saw the look of astonishment on the faces of the people. They would become very angry and leave the place. Before long the men again heard the cry, ” Tiger! Tiger! People rushed to the pasture when they heard her cry.

When they came to the pasture they found that he had joined them again. They looked for him but did not find him. He hid in a bush and saw them from there, enjoying their surprise and anger. did. One day a tiger really came. The boy was very frightened. He ran to the men for help. “Oh, you fooled us twice,” they said. “You won’t get another chance,” cried the boy, “but The tiger has really come this time. He is killing my cows. He said help me but the people didn’t even look back at him they did their own thing. The tiger jumped on his cows and killed many of them. Finally it pounced on the boy and tore him to pieces.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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