A pleasant flight

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A pleasant flight

A pleasant flight: I live in Chittagong. My elder brother works in Sylhet. Last summer he asked me to spend some time with him and sent me a plane ticket. It was my first flight. I reached the airport about 1 hour before the flight. After the test I was given a card with my seat number.

There were a lot of people at the airport. I knew some of the passengers there.

Then the plane left without a hitch. After leaving the plane, the captain’s voice was heard. “Gentle ladies and gentlemen,” he said. I am Captain, on behalf of the flight crew and myself, I welcome you to the aircraft. Hope you enjoy flying with us. After a few minutes we were given the newspaper. While I was reading the news headlines, Biman Bala brought lemon and orange sherbet. I took a glass and looked out the window to sip the glass. There were many clouds around the outside of the plane. The houses and trees below looked like little toys. The rivers flowing below seemed like thin lines drawn on paper.

I continued to watch. Suddenly we are told that we are close to Sylhet airport and we are going to land in few minutes. I had no idea the flight was so short. Actually the flight from Chittagong to Sylhet takes only 35 minutes. However, the aircraft started descending and landed safely. In the beginning I was feeling a bit nervous. But I really enjoyed the flight.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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