5 stories to pass the time

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The names of the five stories are given below

  1. Tricks of the Cunning Fox
  2. Say it together
  3. The Old Lion and the Clever Fox
  4. Wisdom of King Solomon
  5. If you hit the rock, you have to eat the jute

There are 5 stories

This is the first of 5 stories to pass the time

5 stories to pass the time

1.Tricks of the Cunning Fox

In a forest there lived a real fox. While passing through the forest, he got stuck in a trap. He managed to get out of the trap, but the tail got lost there. A fox without a tail looked very strange and awkward. “Now what do I do? ” she said sobbing. But the fox was very clever. He thought and thought. Then suddenly an idea came to Mr. Siyal’s head. So he hatched a plan. “I am going to gather all the foxes in the forest in a meeting. He said to himself. When the foxes came to know about the meeting, they came very quickly. “The fox is very cunning,” they all said. “What is he going to tell us?” The fox was very happy and delighted when he saw everyone there. Listen to the soul, my friends,” he said.

“Why did I ask you to come here? This is because, I made a shocking discovery, our tails are useless. They look ugly. So we all have to cut our tails. “All the foxes were listening to the clever fox. Suddenly an old fox stood up and said, “My friend, your plan is very good but without growth. You have no tail. This is why you want to cut our tails. You can’t cut our tails.

This is the second of 5 stories to pass the time

2.Say it together

Once upon a time a group of pigeons led by their king went out in search of food. One day they flew a long way and got very tired. The dove king inspired them to fly a little further. The smallest dove picked up speed and flew away with the group. Finally they reached a grain field and started eating grain. The owner of the field was concerned about them and had spread nets in the field the day before.

They got caught in the net. The doves were worried about their imminent death. – Then the king of doves who was very wise made a plan. He asked all the doves to fly away taking the net with them to find a way to get out of the net. Holding a part of the net in their beaks they flew up and away from the delighted owner. The owner of the field started to chase after the doves, but the doves quickly flew away, and so the owner had to give up chasing them.

Having flown far away, the king asked his companions to stop at a place near where his friend the mouse lived, so that he could free them from the net. On reaching the rats’ hole, King Dove requested him to release them from the net. The rat started cutting the web near the king. But the king told the mouse first to ‘liberate the others, for a king is worthless without his subjects. The mouse appreciated his behavior and freed the doves with the help of his sharp teeth and finally freed the king. The dove thanked the mouse and flew away.

This is the third of 5 stories to pass the time

3.The Old Lion and the Clever Fox

A very old lion realized one day that he was so weak due to the infirmities of old age that he was no longer able to catch prey. With a heavy heart he went back to his cave house knowing that he was going to die soon. But before he died he stopped at his entrance. He breathed with great difficulty and told the world about his own plight in a weak voice.

News of the lion’s illness soon spread through the forest and caused much concern among the other wild animals. One by one they came to see him and paid their respects. However, age had made the lion wiser. And when each animal entered its den, they fell easy prey to the lions. (because of which) the lion quickly became fat. One day early in the morning, an old and wise fox came to meet His Highness Singh out of kindness. When he entered the cave he noticed that one of his fellow foxes had become his prey. He (the fox) came to meet his lion half an hour ago. The fox understood everything.

He (the fox)

thought that the lion should be taught a proper lesson and he went back to the forest and called all the animals. He exposed the evil plan of the lion to the animals. Then the fox made a noose. He went to the cave and told the lion that he (the lion) should stay in the cave. Because it is relatively safe and comfortable place for him. However, somehow he (the fox) managed to take the lion into the cave.

Then he came out and told all the animals to roll a heavy stone and put it in the cave. All the animals worked together so that the mouth of the cave was closed. The lion was trapped in the cave. But he could not get out of the cave. Due to fasting, the lion died within a few days. Then one day the fox came to the cave and said to the lion “Stay there for some time and enjoy the results of your clever plan.

This is the fourth of 5 stories to pass the time

4.Wisdom of King Solomon

Long ago there lived a king in Israel. He could understand the language of all kinds of animals apart from humans. People used to call him “Jnani Soleman”. Once the queen of service wanted to test his wisdom and came to the palace of Solomon. King Suleiman was a powerful king in the world. Everyone was amazed by his intelligence and extraordinary wisdom. The servant queen learned that the king could answer any difficult question instantly. To test the king, he tied a knot and made two identical garlands. One by real flower and another by artificial. He came to the king and said, “O wise king, I have brought two identical garlands for you. Both look similar. But a real one.

Can you find the correct one? “The garlands were on the table too. The table was near the window. The king saw them for a moment and immediately opened the window. There were some bees in the garden by the window. He saw some bees come in through the window and sit on one of the Queen of Seva’s garlands. Which garland He knew at once that it was the real one. Then he easily picked out the real one and left the fake one. “Long live our wise king. The queen said cheerfully. “You are indeed a very wise king. He added these words.

This is the fifth of 5 stories to pass the time

5.If you hit the rock, you have to eat the jute

An English poet stayed in Italy for the sake of his health. Start New Search. While there he received a crude letter from one of his friends from England. The poet had to bear double postage to get the letter. But it did not write anything other than the statement “I am good”. The poet was annoyed at having to pay double postage for a small piece of news and he thought it was a joke. He decided to teach his friend.

So he gathered a heavy stone and filled it in a beautiful box. The stone was wrapped with a piece of paper on which he wrote some words. Then he wrote on the box the phrase “postage payable on receipt” and sent it to his friend as an undamaged parcel. When the parcel reached his friend, the friend thought it contained something valuable. So he happily paid a hefty sum for its carriage. paid.

He also had to pay double the fee. With much hope in his heart, he opened the box and found nothing but a simple stone. The friend was embarrassed when he read the words on the paper wrapped around the stone. It read “This is heavy from my heart knowing that you are good.” The stone rolled away.” After reading this, the friend realized that it was nothing but revenge. As the saying goes, “As the action, so is the result.

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