5 stories to enjoy

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The names of the five stories are given below

  1. Failure is the foundation of success
  2. Beneficial Ants and Regenerative Ants
  3. Rise in unity, fall in division
  4. Play to one is death to another
  5. A child trafficking incident

There are 5 stories

5 stories to enjoy

The first of five stories to enjoy

1.Failure is the foundation of success

Once upon a time there was a Volo king in Scotland. His was Bertrand Bruce. He loved his country and people sincerely. His subjects had love and respect for him. One day his enemies invaded his country and drove him out of his kingdom. The king participated in the battle but was defeated. He had to flee his kingdom to save his life. he He took refuge in a distant cave. The king was always depressed because of his unhappy situation. Once he was sleeping in a cave. Then he saw a spider trying hard to reach the top of the cave.

The spider failed to succeed again and again. But it did not give up hope. Bruce saw the spider climb to the top of the cave after several unsuccessful attempts. This indomitable spider inspired Bruce to shake off the darkness of despair. He gathered a strong force and attacked his enemies. The enemy was defeated and Robert the Bruce regained his kingdom.

The second of 5 stories to enjoy

2.Beneficial Ants and Regenerative Ants

Once upon a time a dove sat on the branch of a tree. It was singing in a melodious voice. A hunter targeted it. At that time an ant came and noticed the matter. He quickly but stealthily approached the hunter and bit him hard. Annoyed by the ant, the hunter stepped forward causing a sound. Hearing the sound, the dove flew away and was saved from death. Not long after that, the ant went out for a walk. It came near a forest. A flowing river passed through the forest and the ant was sitting under the grass on the bank of the river.

He became very thirsty and leaned forward to drink water, but whenever he did so he slipped and fell into the water. The strong current carried him far up the river. Despite many efforts, he was not able to reach the shore. At this moment the dove was flying by and saw the ant trying. Immediately the dove remembered the great help of the ant. He thought he must do something for the ant.

So he broke a branch from a nearby tree and threw it into the water. Without delay the ant quickly climbed the branch with great difficulty and finally reached the safety of the bank. Later the ant met the dove and expressed his gratitude to him. Since then they became good friends. In fact, selflessly helping others is never in vain. Whoever helps others selflessly will be benefited by others in some way, somewhere.

The third of 5 stories to enjoy

3.Rise in unity, fall in division

One was an old farmer. He had four sons. They were all adults. But they had a very bad relationship with each other. They were dishonest and always quarreled. So there was no peace in the house and the matter made the old man very anxious. He tried to convince them but failed. Finally he made a plan. He called all his sons and asked them to bring a stick. Accordingly, they brought a thick stick. Then the farmer told them to break them. The four boys tried one after the other but could not break it.

Then their father asked them to untie the knot and each son became a farmer. But someone asked to take one stick. He took one stick. Their father told them to break the sticks.Now they easily break them. Then the farmer told his sons that no one can harm you if you stay together always. And if you separate, each of you can overcome you like broken sticks.

The fourth of 5 stories to enjoy

4.Play to one is death to another

There was a pond full of frogs. Some frogs would occasionally stick out their heads and call out. One day some boys were playing sports by the pond.

When they saw the frogs calling, they started throwing stones as part of the game. They even got a lot of joy from it. All the bands were wounded and went under the water at once. But the boys did not leave that place. When the frog raised its head above the water, the group of boys started throwing stones again. Many frogs were thus seriously injured and some died instantly. Finally an old frog raised his head and said, “Hey guys, please stop playing cruel games. The frogs told the boys not to throw stones at us and the boys told the frogs that this is a game for us and we are enjoying it.

“Boys, why should we stop it?” “Don’t do this,” . That is why you should stop it.” The boys were ashamed of this act. They abandoned the cruel game and left.

The fifth of 5 stories to enjoy

5.A child trafficking incident

A few days ago I was going to Rajshahi by train. Second class room. Although there were many passengers, a few of them caught my attention. In one corner some children of 6/7 years were crying continuously and two women were trying to keep them calm. They looked scared. It raised doubts about the two women and So I kept a watchful eye on them. I thought the two women might be child traffickers.

Because such incidents have become very common now. I was right. Two women were child traffickers. The two women whispering to each other became clearer to me. Chillachia or Golman sha I called the railway authorities. At the next station where Mahila Punjan got down with the children, the station authorities arrested them with the help of the railway police.

Both women denied the allegations. But the police forced them to admit the truth. Suspicions then under pressure they admitted the truth. The police put them in jail. In this way we were able to save the lives of children from the hands of child traffickers.

The author of this content is Hasibur Rahman

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