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Below are 5 funny stories that you can enjoy reading

The names of the five stories are given below

  1. A thirsty crow
  2. Greed takes away everything
  3. Cunning Fox and Foolish Crow
  4. happiness lies in contentment
  5. The Beneficial Dove and the Returning Ant

There are five stories:

Being the first of 5 funny stories

1.A thirsty crow

Once a crow became very thirsty. He flew from one place to another in search of water, but unfortunately he did not find any bird. Suddenly he saw a pitcher near a tree. He flew there free of pain and joy. However, even though there was water in the pitcher, its level was so low that no matter how low he bent his head, he failed to reach the water. He then tried to overturn the goblet hoping to at least drink the spilled portion. But it goes. The copy was so heavy that he could not turn it over. He was understandably very disappointed. He wondered what to do. But he could not find any way to quench his thirst. At last, dismayed, as he was about to fly away, he saw some stones lying at a short distance. Resources He made a plan. He went near the stone and a piece of stone on its lip.

He flew to the pitcher and put his foot in the pitcher. Then again he went to the stone and brought another piece of stone and threw it into the urn. As a result, the celebrated level of the pitcher rose slightly. He did the same thing several times and thus the water level in the jug started to rise little by little. Finally the water level came within his reach. Then he drank the water with satisfaction and flew away.

2.Greed takes away everything

Being the second of 5 funny stories

Once upon a time there lived a farmer. He had a swan. She lays one golden egg every day. He sold those eggs in the market. He was not happy with just one D that day. The man was so greedy that he wanted to get all the teams in one day. He wanted to become the richest man in the village overnight, he thought, a king lays only one egg a day. So it will take him a long time to become rich.

He thought, if he cut the stomach of the kingfisher, he would get all the eggs together. And thus he will become rich overnight. So he told his wife about his plan. She was a learned woman and she was not of caste. She forbids her husband to do so. But the man did not listen to his words. Instead, he cut its stomach with a sharp knife. But alas! No eggs were found. The swan died instantly. The farmer was disappointed and repented of his foolishness. His wife also scolded him. He said, “You are a fool but a group. So you lost everything.

Being the third of 5 funny stories

3. Cunning Fox and Foolish Crow

Once upon a time a crow sat on the branch of a tree. There was a piece of meat in its mouth. Suddenly a jackal appeared there and stood under the tree smelling something good to eat. Looking around he saw the piece of meat in the crow’s mouth. A longing for the piece of meat rose in his mind. How will he get the piece of meat? He can’t climb trees. And what would be the use of climbing a tree? The crow saw him coming and flew away. He cannot lure the crow down because the crow knows very well what the jackal likes to eat. Finally, a bad idea came to him. He thought to himself that crows are the most arrogant birds I know. I will flatter him and he will forget about meat. So he said in his sweet voice, “Good day, beautiful bird. ” But the crow made no reply. He merely paced the branches of the tree with parva. I wish I had such a handsome face as yours. Again no answer came, but the crow raised his head to show that he was satisfied, and tossed from side to side.

“What a beautiful voice and bright eyes!” said the fox. Other birds may be jealous of you. This time there was no reply. He just flapped his wings a little and stared at the fox. “If your voice were as beautiful as your face and dress, you would be the queen of birds: but it seems you cannot speak at all.” What a pity that you are deaf. The crow shouted loudly. And as he did so, the piece of meat fell from his mouth. The fox quickly bit it with his teeth and flew away. The hapless crow finally realized that the fox had only fooled him, but by then it was too late.

Being the fourth of 5 funny stories

4. happiness lies in contentment

A happy cobbler lived in a city where. He spent his life dancing and singing. One day, a rich banker neighbor of his said to him, “How much money can land earn in a year?” The cobbler replied that he had never saved a year’s earnings, nor did he know how many days in a year. The neighbor was surprised to hear this. He asked the cobbler what he had done with his money. Cobbler said he eats day by day. In fact he earns very little and spends all the money he earns to support himself and his family. The comfort that he does not have, he does not need that comfort. So poverty cannot be a hindrance to his happiness in life. Hearing this, a deep thought arose in the mind of the banker.He said, “How helpless I am. Bankers own a lot of wealth. But one unhappiness always torments him.

So he always wanted more wealth which took away his happiness. The banker wondered what is the value of this property where I have no happiness. “He thought he was poorer than a cobbler. So he gave away all his wealth to the poor and started looking for happiness. He said, actually happiness is a relative thing that varies from person to person. It cannot be found by having money or wealth alone.

Being the fifth of 5 funny stories

5. The Beneficial Dove and the Returning Ant

There was once a dove. It was living its day well. One day when he was sitting on a tree on the bank of a river, he saw an ant drinking water from the river. While he was drinking water, a wave swept him away. He tried hard but could not reach the shore. The dove felt pity for the helpless animal. He thought he should do something for the ant. So he broke a branch of a nearby tree and threw it into the water. Without delay, the ant struggled up the branch and finally reached the safety of the bank. Not long after, one fine spring morning the dove was perched on a tree. He was singing in a melodious voice. She was calling her lover in a melodious voice as she was quite emotional on such a beautiful spring day. But unfortunately a hunter spotted him. The hunter pointed at him.

The ant already noticed these things. He remembered the dove’s help. He quickly but stealthily approached the hunter and gave him a fatal bite. After being bitten by the ant, the hunter moved forward and the sudden movement of the hunter made a sound. Hearing the sound, the dove flew away and escaped from death. Later the dove met the ant and expressed his gratitude. Since then they became good friends. In fact, selflessly helping others never fails. One who helps others selflessly gets their help somehow somewhere and sometimes.

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